April 2019 – Tiferet Yeshua’s Passover Outreach

/April 2019 – Tiferet Yeshua’s Passover Outreach
April 2019 – Tiferet Yeshua’s Passover Outreach 2019-04-01T06:33:38+00:00


0419 - Passover Tiferet Yeshua

For virtually all Israelis, Jewish holidays are an important part of people’s lives, a time for connecting with family and friends around elaborate holiday meals. In the lives of many Israelis who don’t consider themselves religious, the holidays serve as a cultural touchstone; most understand they are partaking in thousands-year-old biblically-mandated ceremonies which convey a deep connection to their history and identity as Jews. Of all the Jewish holidays during the year, Passover is unequivocally the most universally observed. On the one hand, the Passover Seder is the quintessential Jewish experience: family fellowship with an abundance of food and blessings. On the other hand, it is imbued with deep biblical significance as each element in the meal recounts an aspect of the Exodus story.

For believers in Yeshua, the Passover has an even deeper spiritual significance: our Lord Yeshua is the Passover lamb, the Passover Seder is the Last Supper, and the traditional elements of the Seder meal speak of Yeshua the Messiah in amazingly significant ways. Every year, Tiferet Yeshua hosts a subsidized Passover Seder—participants pay a minimal fee, which is a great blessing to those for whom hosting a Passover meal is a financial burden. For believers, it is a place to share the holiday with their spiritual family and provides a place for those who don’t have a place to celebrate the holiday. For the many non-believing family members and friends who attend, it is an awesome opportunity for them to connect with believers and hear the Gospel in the context of the traditional Passover Seder they know and love! Every year we have 80 to 90 participants of whom about 35% are non-believers—most of whom are hearing the Gospel for the first time. It’s an incredible opportunity to share the Jewish Messiah through our most prominent Jewish holiday!

Tamar is worship leader and wife of Pastor Gil Afriat of Tiferet Yeshua.